1. Complete an Event Set Up Request Form (this single form will provide the necessary information to schedule the event, promote the event, and provide registration and check in set up).  Please fill out the form online (below) and submit it to the LifePoint office.
  2. Return your request form online.
  3. Once the activity or event has been approved, it will be added to the church calendar. You will receive an email or phone call confirming the scheduling of the event.

Have more questions – check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Requested Timeline for Events:

  • 4 weeks BEFORE Registration opens (if you have registration needs)
    Submit your event request.
  • 5 weeks before the event (if you do not have registration needs)
    Submit your event request.
  • 2 weeks before the event: Submit Print requests tofrontdesk@lifepointnv.com
  • 1 week before the event
    • Follow up with Sean by email for final number of attendees and any other last minute detail.
    • Confirm the final number of children in childcare with Alice at alice@lifepointnv.com.

Your Name:*
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Event Time:*
What are the start and end times you would like to be on the facilities calendar to account for the time you need to set up/clean up for your event? The minimum given will be 30 Minutes before and after the event when possible:*
Which Room(s) would you like to request for this event?*
Which ministry does this best align? (Select one)
Are you requesting childcare? *
Please note where your off campus event is and include directions when necessary for communication.
How will you take attendance for your event?
What equipment do you need:
Please list your trained operators where required. If you do not have a trained operator on hand and need training please not that below.
How many chairs do you need?
How many 4ft Rectangle Tables do you need?
How many 6ft Rectangle Tables do you need?
How many 8ft Rectangle Tables do you need?
How many round tables do you need?
How many White 64x64 - Small Square Table cloths would you like?
How many Whit 85x85 - Round Table cloths would you like?(we use this table cloth for our round tables)
How many White 53x114 - Large Rectangle table cloths would you like?
Please describe the room setup. (or attach a sketch)*
Please upload a drawing of how you would like the room set up.
To help us effectively communicate about this event: Please share two-three sentences explaining how this event aligns with Loving God, Loving People and Leaving a Legacy. *
Type of promotion or communication requested NOTE: Please also comm@lifepointnv.com with your specific information and needs.
Who is the contact person for this event?
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Participant Cost
What dates do registration open and close?
When the participant registers for your event, they will receive a confirmation email letting them know they have signed up and you can also give them further information needed. Please write that email below.
Please list scholarship options below and the value for each