What is baptism?

Baptism is an important step in our faith journey as it is an outward symbol of what God has done in our lives and hearts. We love celebrating baptisms here at LifePoint and typical do this as part of our Sunday services.

If you are interested in being baptized, we ask that you first participate in a brief baptism class. In these classes we walk through the basic beliefs about baptisms and help you get ready for the day. Currently, our next scheduled date for baptisms is Sunday, October 29th.

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Baptism Classes


Classes are typically held on these times one week before our Sunday baptisms services.
All classes are in Room 201.

Our Next classes will be Sunday, October 22nd
9:40 a.m., 11:10 a.m., 12:40 p.m., 6:40 p.m.

We also will have classes for adults on Thursday, October 26th at 6:30 PM


October 22nd at 8:30 AM

We offer a class designed for middle and high school students taught by Pastor Scott


JumpStart is a 1 hour class for Kids 12 & Younger. This class is taught by our LifePoint Kids team and designed especially for kids.
A parent or guardian must attend with their child.

Our next Jumpstart class is Thursday, October 26th at 6:30 PM

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Baptism Photos

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