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The mission of the Bible Institute at LifePoint Church is to equip Christ followers with the whole Word of God to expand the Kingdom of God. Throughout the year, we offer various classes highlighting Bible topics and study. The Bible Institute is set up in a classroom, educational model. Don’t worry there aren’t grades or tests, but our classes do follow a tiered system (100, 200 & 300 level).  The only cost is for books that we may use in class. Books are optional.

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Fall Event:

Islam & Christianity Compared

Class is Thursday night from 7:00 to 8:30, Sept 7th


Islam & Christianity Compared

What does Islam teach about Jesus? Is Allah the same God? Are Muslims saved? How does the Koran and the Bible compare? Come and join us for and evening comparing and contrasting the basic beliefs of these two major religions of the world.

Fall Bible Classes

Classes each Thursday night from 7:00 to 8:30, Sept 14 – Nov 16



Instructors: Chris Sunderland & Steve Gardner (Room 205)

(This is a 6 week class, from Sept 14 – October 19)

In this class we will tackle the basic beliefs of the Christian faith including what it means to be a Christ follower and have an active faith. Each week we will dive into discussing the core beliefs of LifePoint and the broader church culture. This class will help answer many questions about the beliefs we hold on to in our Christian faith. Workbook provided at no cost.


200: Level: HEAVEN

Instructors: Mark Stapleton (Room 206)

Is heaven physical? What will resurrected bodies be like? What will we do in heaven? Will animals be in heaven? All these and more will be addressed using inductive Bible study, small group discussion, and large group presentation.

You will learn what God has promised through His Son Jesus Christ about the eternal life of His people. Learn for yourself what the Bible says about heaven, the New Earth, the New Jerusalem, and a fully redeemed creation. A biblical understanding of heaven will impact your life today.

Book is optional – Heaven by Randy Alcorn, $20

Past Classes

100: How to Study the Bible

100 Level: How to Study the Bible

Taught by Cassie Jones |  Room 205

In this class we will cover various methods and techniques of studying the Bible, as well as resources available and how to use them. This class will help empower Christians to read and study the Word of God for themselves to be better disciples of Jesus Christ and living out a Biblical faith. No cost.

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200 The New Testament

200 LEVEL          The New Testament

Taught by Don Wingfield & Lucas Keiser  |  SMR (Student Ministries Room)

This class is part C of Bible in a Year. This is the third of three parts; the New Testament. It is designed to give the believer a broad understanding of each book of the Bible and a grasp of the whole of Scripture. Each section is a separate Bible study, you don’t need to go in order. No cost.

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300 Biblical Prophecy

300 Level: Biblical Prophecy

Led by Steve Gardner & Mark Stapleton | Room 206

Learn why God uses prophecy, it’s importance, God’s track record in doing what He says, learn for yourself what the Bible says about Jesus’ return and things to come, and how it applies in your life today.
Book cost: $15 (scholarships available)

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The mission of the Bible Institute
at LifePoint Church is to equip
Christ followers with the whole
Word of God to expand the
Kingdom of God.

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Previous Events:

On Thursday, September 1, Teacher Steve Gardner shared insider information on this topic and answer some of the questions people are asking about Bible prophecy, Islam and Christianity. Below are some resources.

Right click to download or click to view slides from our September 1 event.

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If you would like a link to the video recording from our September 1 event visit this link.