What to expect each night:

Small group meetup and recap – discuss struggles, victories and questions.

Big group teaching

Small group discussion time – practical application of lesson skills for the upcoming week.

End of night meeting and hang time.

Register for Get R.E.A.L.

Program Overview:

Get R.E.A.L. youth recovery is a local Carson Valley outreach program to help students grades 9th-12th. This volunteer-run program addresses issues of addiction, self-harm, difficulties of broken households, anxiety, depression, and more. We help the students to address the root of their struggles, to see where they come from and to teach students how to manage their addictions, fears, and emotional responses in a healthy and safe environment with their small group leaders. We work to encourage them to engage with family in a healthy, open manner through communication skills, in order to help them build a support network outside of Get R.E.A.L., as well as healthy decision making when engaging peers, teachers, and others. Our goal is to equip students with practical skills in order to over-come their struggles and move toward healthy and wise living, where they can be resilient no matter what obstacles they face.

Our commitment to you:

Each night will include going in depth and allowing the students to open up and get real with their leaders and peers. We open up our first night with a relaxed meet and greet, mid-session we take a break from the hard topics to have time to have some fun and decompress, and finish the session with a last night graduation celebration. We encourage our students to work toward graduating the program in order to give them a goal and a sense of accomplishment for sticking with it. On the last night each student is awarded a certificate of completion, signed by their small group leader and the Get REAL leadership to take with them  as a reference for their hard work and commitment. Each leader involved with Get REAL has a heart for helping the students in our community, partnering with them to overcome and work toward a bright and healthy future.