2017 Conference

Saturday, September 16th 9am – 4pm
Location: LifePoint Church, Minden NV

Hello Lovely,

We are so glad YOU are considering attending the Impact Women’s Conference. We believe every woman can make an impact right where she is, living a life infused with true strength, and changing her world for the better. THIS MEANS YOU! As women, we are constantly barraged with messages proclaiming that we are not enough, and we stumble into the comparison trap wondering if we really could make a difference in our lives. Oh, my dear friend, you are lovely, you are valued, you are cherished, and you are capable of far more than you give yourself credit for.

This conference is about you and your life. It is about walking with strength even in challenging times, pushing through fear, and learning to slow down. It is about living with purpose and realizing YOU are enough JUST AS YOU ARE. At this conference, you will not find any “perfect women,” just women who will bravely share their stories so you might be inspired and know you are not alone.

We are counting down the days until we get to share the day with YOU! Will you accept your Invitation?


Main Session Speakers

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Sunny Cain

Main Session Speaker

Sunny is a catalytic communicator with an infectious love for life who loves empowering people to courageously pursue their dreams. A dynamic leader who engages people with her authenticity, humor, courage, and passion for God, Sunny inspires others to find health, hope, and healing. A big dreamer herself, Sunny’s messages of hope and purpose awaken the potential inside of her audience and are rallying a generation to take action. Sunny is a speaker and pastor, and the Impact Conferences were created out of her vision to see people step into being who God created them to be. She is devoted to her husband, Paul, and their four children, Deven, Hannah, Gracey, and Jaxson.

Tori Mae Hein

Main Session Speaker

California-born, Nevada grown, Tennessee transplant who loves a good conversation, a sweaty workout, and a colorful home-cooked meal with friends. She's a wife to a traveling musician, a momma of two, and is most passionate about seeing people live to their fullest potential. Having grown a successful home-based business as a health and business coach, she understands the importance of cultivating confidence and using it as a tool to be an IMPACT WOMAN. She's poured her heart into the IMPACT conferences since it was founded in 2015 as a break-out speaker and vision shaper. We are so glad to have her back this year on the main stage to share her story of how to remain confidently secure in a purpose that is greater than our own abilities.

BreakOut Sessions

You will have the opportunity to choose two of the following Breakout Sessions when you register. (Flexible to change on conference date!)

Tammy Claughton

Breakout Speaker

Tammy Claughton has almost 30 years of teaching and coaching experience. She has a passion for training and equipping people, which is evident every time you encounter her. You can count on her workshops to have a driving message of, “be intentional about your healing, growth, and self-care so you are healthy for the long haul.” A few of the topics Tammy teaches are: Intentional Self-Care, The Power of Forgiveness, The Power of Trust, and Anger Management. Her teaching style is relational (Me too!) and interactive with a creative use of visuals.

Tammy has been married for 30 years and working on her own “fixing” issues for many years. She enjoys spending time with her family, which includes 2 adult daughters and 7 amazing grandchildren. She also enjoys trail running and connecting with people and God in nature.

Fix-Her Upper

Do you enjoy fixer-upper projects? I am not just talking house projects; let’s face it, some of us get a lot of pleasure from trying to fix or fine tune relationships, specifically other people. Gulp. As women, it comes naturally to want to “improve” stuff and try to make everybody happy, but it can leave us feeling exhausted. Today, let’s learn to be women who choose to identify our own tendency to “fix” others, spot when “helping you is hurting me”, and focus on being responsible for ourselves without building hurt or resentment when others don’t get on board with our “improvement” plan.

Life By Design

Have you ever gotten to the end of a day and wondered what the heck you did, only to wake up the next morning and repeat it again?  As women, we juggle a slew of activities, wear many different hats, feeling the pressure to say yes to everything, and are left feeling exhausted, and sometimes stuck. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to push forward.  However, we have an opportunity to choose how we want our days to run rather than allowing our days to run us. This workshop will give you tools to develop your personal “WHY” that thing that makes you get out of bed in the morning, and a decision matrix (core values) to rethink the way you are spending your days. Learning to live a life by design fills your days with gratitude, purpose, freedom to say no to things, and helps you step into being the person you were created to be.

Jill Larson

Breakout Session Speaker

Be it business or pleasure, Jill Larson’s relentless pursuit of excellence follows her wherever she goes. From her own business at Carson City CrossFit to her well-established career in real estate, Jill appreciates every opportunity to help others succeed. Be it short term goals or life-long decisions, Jill has a great respect for everyone who strives for the best in life. She’s a natural leader who knows how to listen, learn, identify, and then apply the best solution for each situation at hand. Jill will approach each challenge with the level of integrity and confidentiality that her clients’ deserve. This level of dedication to her profession is mirrored in her personal life as well. She is actively involved in her community and has donated time with the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada, the Military Relocation Program, Holiday with a Hero, and many others.

Nicole Meyer

Breakout Session Speaker

Nicole Meyer is an inspiring, life-loving, ``girl next door.`` She loves encouraging and helping women embark on a journey of becoming completely whole as they move through the brokenness in their lives, ultimately to step into their full potential. Nicole has embraced this journey herself and whether she is sharing from the stage or connecting over a coffee face to face, she inspires others through her willingness to simply ``be real.`` Her favorite role is that of the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the Meyer household, where she is wild about her husband Jerry of 21 years and her 3 children. She loves to cook and share good food with others. She hates cleaning toilets, so she is intentional to invite people over to motivate rapid house cleaning.

Kill The Quit

Have you ever wanted to give up, to throw in the towel because you just couldn’t take it anymore? Relationships. Dreams. Commitments. Jobs. Promises you made to yourself? Let’s face it, we all wish life had an easy button, and since it doesn’t, we often hit the eject button and end up quitting time and time again. Nicole knows this journey all too well, and has even thrown in the towel a time or two. In this workshop she will share what she is learning about choosing to be a woman who does hard things and who has a daily commitment to be consistent. This workshop will help you recognize the “quit struggle”, develop new habits and ways of thinking, and awaken you to recognize you are capable far more than you give yourself credit for. Can you imagine what the world would look like if a whole group of women “killed the quit” and began embracing progression instead of aiming for perfection?

The What-If Shift

Fear can be a weight which holds us back from ever reaching our greatest potential.  We become barraged with an endless cycle of thought bubbles which paralyze us as we analyze all of the “what-if’s.”  What if I fail? What if people reject me? What if it doesn’t work? What if it is a bad idea? What if it is too risky? What if people think I’m selfish?  The list goes on and on.  It’s time for us to recognize and confront the fear and self-doubt that are holding us back, and step into our destiny. Let’s together choose to kick fear to the curb, step out of our comfort zones, as we look at ways to “shift” our what-if’s.

Wendy Cunningham

Breakout Session Speaker

Executive National Vice President. Mom. Wife. Writer. These are just a few of the titles Wendy Cunningham wears. Her purpose of inspiring others to live their best and biggest lives, spills out into all she does, from building a successful business to co-authoring the book Success Through Failing. She has a way with words and inspires readers through her blog gainingmyperspective.com, as well as through her family’s vlog, Raising Cunninghams on Youtube. Joining us from just outside Nashville Tennessee, Wendy has a way, through the power of her own story, to help people chase their dreams, and to push through their fears, encouraging them to discover, develop, and share their gifts with others.


Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Minden location has partnered with us for this year’s conference! They are hosting a DAY camp for kids ages 5-12.
Cost:  $29/child and 20% off sibling discount.

Details:  Pack a lunch and waterbottle, wear comfortable clothes, no zippers, no buttons.  20%deposit due at time of registration

RSVP to Tumble Weeds Minden at 775-782-4496 by September 12.
No children will be added after this date.