Our many volunteers are the heart behind all that happens at LifePoint. Without an incredible team of volunteers in every ministry area, our church wouldn’t be the same. There are many great ways of you get plugged into serving. Below are a few places where we need some extra hands and feet currently.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, consider taking being part of an upcoming Explore Your S.H.A.P.E. class, offered throughout the year. In this 2 hour class, we help you better understand how God has wired you to serve. Get details here.

Volunteer Opportunities


This behind the scenes team provides administrative support and assistance to all ministry that takes place at LifePoint. This area may be for you if you like . . .

  • Answering phones
  • Office work
  • Working on print jobs
  • Working with e-mail & Microsoft programs
  • Ordering & managing supplies
  • Scheduling
  • Finance

Biblical Counseling

Our lay counseling program seeks to provide a safe and confidential place for individuals or couples to be honest about their struggles and hurts. We offer a Biblical
perspective and provide encouragement to help people address what is hindering them as we seek to connect people more deeply with God and others. This area may be for you if . . .

  • You are naturally a great listener or encourager
  • People tell you that your insight helps them.
  • People tell you their stories, or their “secrets”
  • You naturally find yourself helping people walk through difficult situations
  • You have the gifts of mercy, wisdom, truth-telling, helping, or exhortation


Do you enjoy welcoming people into you home and helping them to feel welcome?
Are you people person who likes saying, Hi!” If so Greeting may be for you.


Do you like helping people? Do you like connecting them to resources and ministries? If so, Ushering might be for you.

Media Team (Camera)

Each week at LifePoint we capture audio and video of services. We are looking for people to help run camera during morning services? For those who have some production experience, you might also want to become a producer or video director.

LifePoint Kids

There are all kinds of ways to serve with kids and students of all ages at LifePoint, from being a check-in host, to serving in a classroom or leading a small group. We do require a background check to serve in these areas as this helps keep everyone safe.


This behind-the-scenes team helps maintain a beautiful campus by keeping it shiny and clean. They also manage the day-to-day operations on campus by setting up and tearing down chairs and tables for weekends, special
events, and mid-week activities.

This area may be for you if you like . . .

  • Housekeeping
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Plumbing & electrical
  • General maintenance
  • Heavy lifting

LifePoint Expeditons

Enjoy the outdoors and taking people on adventures. LifePoint Expeditions could be a great place for you to serve if you:

  • Enjoy any outdoor activities
  • Enjoy organizing events
  • Enjoy sharing photos on social media of trips

Legacy Garage

This ministry is an extension of our student ministry

and seeks to mentor and nurture creativity in youth

through woodworking.

This area may be for you if you . . .

  • Enjoy assisting and encouraging youth
  • Enjoy building stuff
  • Have experience with woodworking
  • Have experience with construction
  • Would enjoy assisting youth in planning, identifying resources, and implementing woodworking projects

The Food Pantry (and Garden)

The Pantry and The Garden partner together to feed hundreds each month. These ministries help families keep food on the table by providing essential staples, including canned goods, pantry items, and fresh vegetables grown and cultivated by volunteers on our campus. This area may be for you if you . . .

  • Enjoy reaching out to people in need
  • Naturally encourage people
  • Have retail experience
  • Have a green thumb
  • Enjoy gardening
  • Enjoy the outdoors

Prayer Team

Our prayer team prays for the needs of people in our church each Sunday before, during, and after services. This area may be for you if you . . .

  • Are a natural encourager
  • Share God’s Word with those in need.
  • Empathize with people who are hurting
  • Find yourself praying for the needs of others.

LifePoint Kids Helper

LifePoint Kids exists to support families in laying a spiritual foundation in children’s lives.

This area may be for you if you like . . .

  • Nurturing infants and toddlers
  • Seeing kids experience the love of Jesus
  • Sharing bible stories
  • Arts, music, graphic design, technology
  • Small group discussions
  • Leading kids in intentional activities
  • Organizing , prepping supplies, creating resources and crafts for classrooms.

Safety Team

This team keeps an eye on general meeting places, paying close attention to the areas where children are gathered,  watching for details that seem out of the ordinary. They  are connected to all ministries across campus by radio
and are trained to keep people safe. 
This area may be for you if you . . .

  • Have a background in police, military, security
  • Are familiar with following protocols and chain of command procedures.
  • Can engage people well  and de-escalate a situation.
  • Keep your cool in stressful situations
  • Are a natural protector

Have an eye for things that most people overlook

Student Ministries

Student Ministry exists to connect Middle School and Senior High school students to God and to one another. This area may be for you if you like . . .

  • Hanging with students in grades 6-12th
  • Encouraging & mentoring students
  • Facilitating conversation
  • Staying young at heart
  • Leading & planning games
  • Administration, event and trip planning
  • Prepping Snacks
  • Welcoming Guests

Worship Arts

The Worship Arts ministry here at LifePoint is full of people whose talent and passion for God have collided. Worship Team members help lead the church in worship using music, media, and creative arts. This area may be for you if you. . .

  • Have experience singing or dancing
  • Have experience playing an instrument
  • Enjoy directing choirs, orchestras, or bands
  • Write music
  • Like stage design, lighting, or running sound
  • Create Videos
  • Like computers and running media
  • Have always wanted to be a stage hand

Get Started with Serving

Please send me more info about serving in these areas