Read: Luke 19:28-40

Have you ever been around a loud, crying child?  

In that moment, they run the place. All eyes are on them and unfortunately so are our ears.  Sometimes we feel sorry for them, maybe they’ve fallen down and they’re upset and crying but cute at the same time.  Other times they’re just upset because they haven’t gotten their way. Sometimes we look at the parents with disapproval or a pleading look like – ‘Please…Do something! They are so loud!’

It’s late on Sunday afternoon, March 29th, 33 AD and Jesus is riding on a donkey.  The people around Him are loud.  The spectacle is a bit ridiculous as Jesus is riding into Jerusalem like a King, but instead of a war horse, He’s on a colt – a young male donkey – with his mom right next to them. He is fulfilling a long awaited prophecy found in Zechariah 9:9. The people are singing and shouting at the top of their voices.  People are spreading their coats all along the ground as a makeshift red carpet for Jesus. They’re preparing the way for him.  They’re inviting Him. They’re ready for Him…to do something. Though as they would find out during Jesus’ last week, they had very different expectations for Jesus than He did for Himself.  Many of the same people who are welcoming Jesus in on Sunday, will be shouting to have Him crucified, silenced and thrown out of Jerusalem on Friday.

But for now, this is no time to be silent.  All through His public appearances Jesus had asked His followers (Mark 5:40-43), people He’s healed (Mark 1:41-44) and even demons (Mark 1:25-25; 34) to keep silent about who He was. It wasn’t time for everyone to know just yet. Jesus knew what would happen to Him once people found out His intentions were not to save through the death and conquering of others as King, but instead to win through conquering death itself by losing His own life. But now, at the beginning of His last week, Jesus was ready to let everyone know who He was. His hour, His time, had come. The King who would win by losing finally allowed the people speak about who He was, openly and freely.

And all this singing and dangerous shouting that Jesus was ‘King’ bothered and angered some of the religious people called Pharisees. They said to Jesus “Teacher, keep your followers quiet!”.  But Jesus wasn’t about to let this moment pass, so He gives a brilliant answer to help the Pharisees understand the magnitude of this moment: “I tell you,” he replied, “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

Here’s the point, this moment isn’t just about the people around Jesus being loud. It’s not just about everyone in Jerusalem who is there for the Passover festival. It isn’t just about their little part of the world. This moment is for all of creation. Jesus is essentially saying – everything in existence has been waiting for this moment.  Everything is broken, not just you!  The people, the planet, the solar system, all the stars and galaxies that exist, all of it will be repaired through Jesus.  This is huge. This is the moment that all of creation – everything – has been waiting for. Jesus isn’t just King of Jerusalem, He’s Lord of all creation.  And all of creation ‘shouts’ to be renewed and repaired through Him.

Further Reading: Mark 11:12-19

Prayer: Father, all I have is yours.  You created the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies and everything that exists including me.  You have seen the farthest galaxy, but you have chosen to love and give your life for me. I don’t understand why, but I can understand how – through your Son Jesus, you gave your last shout, your last breath and your life for me.  Help me whisper, shout and give you thanks today and this week. If all of creation needs you, so do I.