Read: John 11:47-53

Sometimes I find myself in a routine of juggling. I juggle my priorities, my schedule, my relationships, and whatever else I can throw in there to make every minute of my day productive. Before I know it, an unidentifiable amount of time has passed where I’m just busy. I mean reeeeaaaally busy. The kind of busy where my months are broken down into pay periods instead of days, and I’ve lost count of how many days in a row I’ve used dry-shampoo (is five days too many? Asking for a friend. Ahem). I end up losing track of my rest and self-care. I’m not just talking about eating my broccoli and getting enough sleep, but my spiritual self-care too.

During the last week of his life, Jesus had a really busy Tuesday. He traveled to Jerusalem where he was confronted and questioned, he teaches extensively in parables and on taxes, rebukes the Sadducees (one of the religious groups) for their disbelief in the resurrection, and then still makes time to prophecy the destruction of Jerusalem and the end times. Sounds like a busy day to me!

It’s Wednesday, March 32nd, 33 AD and we know only two things about this day: Jesus stayed with his friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus in Bethany and one of Jesus’ friends is making plans to betray him.  In fact, Wednesday seems to be the only day that we don’t have record of what Jesus actually did. Not only did Jesus have an exhausting day on Tuesday, He also had to prepare for the Passover and His arrest on Thursday. In knowing this, it would make sense that Jesus took Wednesday to rest. We see in other passages in the New Testament where Jesus makes time for physical and spiritual rest after long days of teaching and performing miracles  ( Mrk 1:35, Mtt 14:23, Luk 6:12, Mtt 26:25). Perhaps Jesus knew that in order to stay steadfast in God’s mission he wouldn’t just need physical rest, but he would need that time to rest spiritually as well. Maybe Jesus found himself between the busy and the hard. He had some final teachings to give before His arrest, and still needed to take time to accept that one of His best friends would betray him in the next 24hrs. He probably knew that this break in the events, this time with God would be vital in the success of His mission and the encouragement of His heart.

This is a habit that we can adopt from Jesus. We know all too well what life looks like when we are juggling to-do’s and obligations. It gets busy, it gets discouraging, and sometimes we forget that no amount of sleep or yoga will help us feel truly rested. Scheduling intentional time with God is vital to the success of our own story, and to the encouragement of our hearts during the busy and the hard.

Are you finding intentional time to rest with God?

Pray: God, help me slow down. Please help me see the areas in my life that are out of balance, and where I need to re-adjust my life to spend more time with you. Jesus, you tell us that we can come to you when we are weary and burdened, and you will give  us rest, because you care about us and how we are doing. As we look at Silent Wednesday, thank you for the reminder that even Jesus, who was not just fully God, but fully man, needed to rest too. Amen.