The mission of the Bible Institute at LifePoint
Church is to equip Christ-followers with the
whole Word of God to expand the Kingdom of

New Session

January 11 – March 15

Class Structure

The Bible Institute is set up in a classroom, educational
model. Don’t worry there aren’t grades or tests, but our
classes do follow a tiered system. The only cost will be for
books that we may use in class. Books are always optional.

100 level classes include basic and core classes that help
you better understand the Bible.

200 level classes are in-depth Bible studies covering
every book of the Bible.

Upcoming Events

Available Classes

200 Level: Through the Gospels

Led by Steve Gardner & Mark Stapleton

Ever wanted to study the life of Jesus Christ?
Want to see events in the four Gospels put together? Want to hear what Jesus says about Himself? These and more will be addressed using inductive Bible study, small group discussion, and large group presentation.

Come and join the Bible Institute for an exciting look at Jesus Christ revealed through the Gospels! Learn for yourself what the Bible says about Jesus’ life, ministry, purpose, and promises. A biblical understanding of who Jesus is will impact your life today and forever. No cost.