RESTORATION Pastor Sherri Drury If you put the three themes from our Current Message Series  together in a bowl– Rebuilding your Relationship with God, Returning

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God’s Battle Plan

GOD’S BATTLE PLAN Pastor Sherri Drury Thinking about enemies is not my favorite subject with which to occupy my mind. I’d rather think about good

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Let’s Start Rebuilding!

LET’S START REBUILDING! Pastor Sherri Drury How often do you find yourself surprised by people . . . . . surprised in a good way?

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Prompted To Action

PROMPTED TO ACTION Pastor Sherri Drury Sometimes the most important thing we can do in our faith walk with Jesus is to wait, be still,

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Imago Dei

IMAGO DEI Pastor Sherri Drury Identity. It seems like such a modern conversation or concern. But really, the subject of identity is as ancient as

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New Wine

NEW WINE Pastor Sherri Drury How awesome it must have been to walk with God in the cool of the day in the Garden of

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An Above-and-Beyond God

AN ABOVE-AND-BEYOND GOD Pastor Sherri Drury God isn’t in the “let’s replace it” business, He’s in the “let’s restore it!” business. Heaven, Chapter 4  In

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A Hopeful Future

A HOPEFUL FUTURE Pastor Sherri Drury Sometimes, God has the weirdest timing. During Week 1 of our current Heaven Series, we were encouraged to Ask

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The Kingdom Of God

THE KINGDOM OF GOD Pastor Sherri Drury Every King has a kingdom, and every kingdom has a people. Those who are in Christ are God’s

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