Pastoral Lead Team

The Pastoral Lead Team is responsible to oversee the spiritual life, welfare, and total ministry of the Church, in cooperation with the Elders. The Pastoral Lead Team is not meant to carry out all aspects of the Church, but rather to join with the Elders, Board of Directors, and Members in carrying out the mission and goals of the Church.


The Elders are responsible to shepherd, oversee, and encourage the spiritual life, welfare, and total ministry of LifePoint church in partnership with the Pastoral Lead Team and the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible to provide for the fiscal administration and ministry of the Church, much like New Testament Deacons, in partnership, unity, and mutual subjection to and with the Elders and the Pastoral Lead Team. Board meetings are held every second Thursday of the month and open to members except for more sensitive or confidential matters. Please contact the board if you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting.