Mental Health Support Groups

Christ-centered support groups for individuals living with mental illnesses and those who have loved ones who are living with mental health difficulties or illnesses.

Space is limited. Groups are open to new participants each week.

Living Grace Group

Starting February 6th
Wednesdays · 10a - 11:30a

These groups provide support and community for those living with a mental health difficulty. They bring the assurance of God’s love, grace, and mercy while at the same time helping to reduce symptoms, enhance recovery and restore personal faith.

Topics Include: Identity, Mental Health Recovery, God is Bigger than Our Weakness, Medication, Whole-Heart Renewal, Renewing your Mind, Rest, Relaxation and Joy, Managing Stressors, Cycles and Triggers, Mindful of Grace, Grieving and Grace, Life Giving Community, Safe and Healthy Relationships, It’s Not Your Fault, Staying Resilient

Family Grace Group

Starting February 7th
Thursdays · 7p - 8:30p

These groups uniquely help family members navigate the challenges associated with having a loved one living with a mental health difficulty or illness. The group provides community, support, and understanding of the recovery process for the whole family.

Topics Include: Building Your Faith, Mental Health Recovery, God is bigger than Our Weakness, Communication Skills, Medication, Whole-Health Renewal, Grieving and Grace, You’re Not the Hero, Cycles and Triggers, Life-Giving Community, Handling Problems, Negative and Destructive Behaviors, Boundaries to Rebuild, Enabling vs. Empowering, Staying Ahead of the Game