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Middle School Elevate Camp

High School Hume Lake Camp

Help us raise money to send students to Elevate (middle school) and Hume Lake (high School) camp by enjoying a pancake breakfast with fixins and drink at the Applebee's in Carson City. Only $10 a ticket on Saturday, April 6th from 8-10 am! Bring your whole family or small group and enjoy the students serving you!

We are here to help students come to know and love God, learn to love each other, and leave a legacy of the gospel and changed lives.


Relevant teaching and worship designed to meet students (6th-12th grade) where they are and help them engage the culture through a Biblical lens.

High School / 8:30AM
Middle School / 10:00 AM


Digging deeper into the Bible and community through small groups, both here at church and in the community.

Middle School / 6:30 PM (September - May)
High School / off-campus