LifePoint Women is just the place to connect with other women in a warm and safe environment. Come join us in fellowship as we learn more about who God is, what he wants for us, how we can serve him, and how we can help one another through our individual experiences. Childcare is always provided for children under the ages of 12. We do the same study on Mondays & Tuesdays. We look forward to seeing you at LifePoint Women!

Encounters with Jesus

July 22 @ 6:30

Encounters With Jesus

Are you tired, weary, or stressed? Come join us on June 10 at 6:30 in the LifePoint auditorium.
Here is where you will be prompted through truth and be taken on a personalized journey with Jesus. This is a time to REST in HIM, BREATH in His presence, and MEDITATE on His Truth. Although this is done in a large group setting, it will be an individualized journey for every woman. Light stretching will be an option during our time together and chairs will be provided. Registration is $5 and is free for students 12 to 22 (Use coupon code: STUDENTS). Childcare is provided.
Yoga Mat/ Towel
Wear comfy cloths

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LifePoint Women is made up of real women who want to grow and make a difference in lives..I have felt their prayers, their love, and their encouragement, I have prayed for them, making my faith more real..we have laughed, studied, cried, shared, and walked together.. I am overwhelmed by their love even when I have felt not enough.. God has certainly blessed me..

Priscilla Forster

Being a wife and mom are some of life’s greatest blessings. They become your identity instantly. LifePoint Women has not only inspired me to mature in those roles, but to embrace the godly woman I aspire to be in those roles and beyond, through self-care and spiritual growth.

Krista Chumra

Through LifePoint Women I have made some of my best girlfriends and between them and GOD I made it thru the hardest season of my life; losing my MOM. Could not of done it without GOD & Girlfriends!

Lisa Rasmussen

So, just when I wonder, am I the only one:
Who doesn’t get this? (a section of the study or the scripture OR
Who feels this way, about the struggle I’m going through? And then...boom, a sweet LPW sister will share. We are now connected. I am not alone.

Karen Fox

My LPW girls are my family. They are the sisters I call when I want to celebrate or when I need to cry. They sit with me, laugh with me, and call me out when I'm stuck or wresting with stinking thinking. They redirect me to God and love me in my mess. They share in the joys of my life and the heartaches. My LPW girls are true sisters and chosen family.

Wendy Pankey

A particular lesson will puzzle us when we studied it separately. We come together, hear the teaching, pray, start sharing and things are much clearer and we can start applying our discoveries to our lives. Also, we can feel like we're the only ones struggling or dealing with hardships. When we share the "real" in our lives, we find out we're not alone and have others to draw alongside of us. Prayer, empathy, acknowledging who God really is and sharing some things that we found helpful (and hurtful) make our connections loving and practical. Off site gatherings give us even more time to share our lives and sometimes meet extended family members.

Kitty Duhamel

When I came to LifePoint Women the first time, I was brand new in Nevada and feeling pretty alone. It took so much courage to walk into that big meeting room and see so many women I didn’t know. Once I settled into a group, I found other women like me. We supported each other wherever we were in life. We laughed together, cried together, studied together. It was what I was missing in my life.

Sandy Martin

This is sweet timing—I just had lunch today with one of my ladies! It was unplanned and perfectly timed. Individually i’ve been drawing nearer to God and He’s been pouring out sweet refreshment. As a group, we’ve enjoyed several scheduled lunches and are staying connected thru our group texts for prayer needs as they arise or for sharing photos of our summer activities. That’s been fun. One gal invited us to her hubby’s concert in downtown Carson this Fri. ? This summer i think we’re staying better connected because we’ve been more intentional about it.

Debbie Nellis

Three years ago after moving to NV from CA I got up the courage to attend LifePoint Women. I was randomly placed in a group and one dear sweet lady came up to me and really made me feel welcome and took me under her wing to show me around. I will never forget her kindness. She was such an example to me and I always try to do the same for new ladies joining LifePoint Women.

Connie McClung

LifePoint Women has given me girlfriends that I can count on, that I can share my life with and we believe in the same things. I found girlfriends to hike with, to lunch with, and to laugh with!

Lisa Hollman

I have met some amazing women at LifePoint Women and each session brings a new face to get to know. The women that I have connected with are an essential part of my because they are my prayer warriors, my cheerleaders, my sounding board and my accountability partners. They lift me up and convict me. I am less without the other women God has put in my life.

Lori Midkiff

I first attended LifePoint Women during a very difficult time in my life. LifePoint Women helped me reinforce my core Christian beliefs and removed a lot of misunderstanding. The fellowship and love I received from the other woman, helped me get through those dark days. Through LifePoint Women I gained an understanding and appreciation about why God made me the way He did, particularly regarding the purpose He has for my life. I am so thankful for everything I have learned and continue to learn at LifePoint Women.

Jess Grant